What is ASO and Why you Should Take ASO Services for your Mobile App?

While app store optimization can seem like a complex term, the meaning of it is pretty simple. While you link search engine optimization with various websites and so on the other hand ASO services or app store optimization services is for mobile app development services. Why the optimization? The purpose of optimization is that it increases the significance of an app and it determines how much the particular app is visible to people in the app store like iOS for apple, Google play for the android phones, windows store for a windows phone and for the Blackberry phones, Blackberry World.

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So, for any app developer, something that should be focused on along with the building of the app is how to make it visible and reach the potential target audience. There is something called the click-through-rate that should be made aware of when talked about ASO services. So, what this basically entails is that once people click through your app in the app listing in the app store, the visibility automatically shows up.

What are the Importance of ASO Services in 2021-22?

It plays a very key role in marketing your app. It will help your app rank in the list of your app store. Thus, a good strategy is beneficial to take your app to the pinnacle of success.

You should make a good utilisation of a common yet effective technique called conversion rate optimization (CRO). It entails techniques like the utilization of illustrative titles, descriptions of the app, relevant keywords, screenshots of the features of the app and other related things.

So, the rank of your app will depend on the number of downloads. Thus, ASO services makes your app discoverable, brings in more traffic which ultimately results in a greater number of users, also helps in increasing the organic downloads and with the increase of CTR, your revenue also increases.

The Working Principle of ASO

So ASO services is basically when you mix traffic and conversion rates together. There are two major factors involved in it called the on-metadata and off-metadata factors. The distinction is pretty straight-forward. The former can be managed and modified by the developer in the hope to ameliorate the ranking of the keywords or just to explore the ways to improve visibility and convert the conversion rate to download and the latter is not in the hands of the developer. It is the amalgamation of both.

Factors that Make ASO Work

There are various factors that comes hand-in-hand in making ASO work. The ASO of that app should have a clear title of your company, icon beside it, the preview of your app which will include all the important features of your app, then in the bottom there will be the description of the app, then the ratings and reviews followed by the relevant keywords.

Ways to Measure App Store Optimization Services

Let us look at some of the best ways to measure ASO.
  • Visibility in the App Stores In order to check the visibility, look at the category ranking of your app because that will tell you the number of downloads of the apps included on the list which will in turn tell you about the rank of your app. After you are done with that, check the ranking of your keywords because the greater the rank the more visible is your app.
  • Conversion Rate This will tell you the quantity of traffic on your app and this will ensure the conversion of the traffic and the download rate by the users.
  • Reviews and Ratings Reviews and ratings is a very important factor when it comes to CRO because you will always find these two in the app stores.
  • Organic Installs Organic installs basically determines and measures all of your ASO efforts. The best way to keep up the organic installs is to keep updating the app and the small features in it and do not forget to update your keywords.
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Now there is a million-dollar comparison: Google play vs app store. Let us find out the major difference between them.

So, when it comes to the quality factor, it is a cleaner and faster process to make apps with iOS development because according to reports, it is comparatively a longer process for app store review because those are carefully inspected. But it is noticeable that in Google play store, few low-quality apps are available and the approval is generally faster. Review of the app and the process of upload are smoother than app store.

Apple app store outtakes Google play store when it comes to revenue. But on the other hand, Google play store surpasses apple app store when it comes to growth. Google play store has a greater number of apps than apple app store which stands in the second place when it comes to the presence of number of apps.

Keyword Research

This is a very important process when you will strategize the marketing or SEO services of your ASO. This entails looking for the appropriate keywords which will help reach your success. You should keep in mind about the relevance factor, how much traffic it can generate and the competition rate.

Think about it. Your app name is everything that your company entails. It is the most important thing about your app. It highlights in very short about your company’s main objective. Similarly, the app icon determines the attractive rate of how many users are getting attracted towards your app to utilise it. It also helps the users to remember your app with the help of your icon.

App Description

Holds equal importance as it helps to tell the people what the app is all about in a very simple yet influential way. This will also help in giving you visibility. Do not make the description too long as readers do not like to read long texts. Keep it short and brisk. And make sure to import all the major keywords in it.

App Screenshots

It also helps in the attractiveness factor because it lets the world know about the features you are offering and how the app works basically. It gives a little preview to the audience.

Keyword Spotting

It will help you to increase the organic installations of your app in apple app store in the competitive marketplace. Be more selective when it comes to choosing the right keywords for you.

Mobile App Localization

This is also one of the most effective ways of increasing the number of downloads. Adjust your app according to a particular language. Internationalize your app so that each and every user can use it no matter what. Users should be able to switch to any language as per their requirement.

App Preview

videos are very helpful in addition to the screenshots and description for the conversion and this will make your app visible to users more. Statistically speaking, creating a great version of app preview video can help in shooting the conversion rates up to 25%.

App Updates

It is what keeps an app “interesting” and helps to maintain the ranking algorithm of your app. When you are in your early days utilise the keywords of difficult level and track those keywords. Two things need to be kept in mind. You should always update the app once a month and use different kinds of keywords rather than one solid keyword. There are many softwares’ for ranking tracking which will help you to track your app accurately for all the keywords that you have entered which should be related to your target audience.

Some of the best app optimization tools that you can use in 2021 like StoreMockups, AppAnnie, AppTweak, App Radar, AppFollow, AppCodes, AppFigures, APPlyzer, ASOdesk, ASOeShop, Checkaso, Metrikal, Mobile Action, SearchMan, Sensor Tower etc.

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