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Looking at the recent days, everyone is spending their entire time on mobile phones. With just one device, people are able to access everything with the help of their fingertips. As technology is moving at a very fast pace, there is a huge possibility that one particular mobile application can run on multiple platforms, which means that the mobile applications can also run successfully on your computer/laptop.

Here, especially for all the developers out there who are either entrepreneurs, providing mobile app development services or looking for a job or starting a new career in software development, or have a start-up idea in mind so that they can learn everything they need about mobile app development.

What Is Mobile App Development?

Just as the name suggests, mobile app development services is when you develop and create apps that would specifically cater to mobile phones. The users can download and install it on their mobile devices. In order to run the applications, they would need network connectivity of their mobile devices.

The mechanism of the mobile app development services process is that have to create software that should be installable in any mobile device (keeping in mind about the operating system) and should give allowance to backend services so that an API can successfully access the data that is being transferred and of course, last but not the least, checking and testing of the application in all the devices.

The screen size, hardware, operating system, etc are some of the factors that should be kept in mind during the creating of any mobile app development.

Now that we know about the concept of mobile app development company, let us quickly glance through the various platforms of mobile app development services.

Platforms for Mobile App Development

This is common knowledge that everyone around is aware of. There are two most famous and common mobile app development platforms which are:

  • iOS is from Apple Inc.
  • Android is from Google.

Apple Inc. has created iOS, which is a mobile operating system, especially for the phones created by this company itself. While on the other hand, Android can run on several devices made by the original equipment manufacturers which definitively include Google.

The Entire Process Of Mobile App Development

Broadly categorizing, there are mainly three steps involved in creating a mobile app and take ASO services. Let us dive into the three steps:

1. Strategize Your Entire App Development Process

You first need to have a clear idea about the objective of your application and what problem is it capable of solving. You need to have a clear blueprint or the business model of the app and you also need to fix a budget. Brainstorm your idea and note everything down and keep everything organized.

Analysis and Planning

Once you have strategized everything, the next step is to turn them into achievable goals. In this step, you should figure out your functionalities and how you will utilize them to make the “use cases”. By doing so, you are basically defining the road journey of your app development.

One thing that you should keep in mind is the kind of operating system you will be working on. The reason behind this is technology stacks are completely dependent on the operating system of the device. So select what kind of app it is going to be, whether a hybrid application, multi-platform, or native app, you need to hire the developers accordingly. And of course, do not forget about the name and logo. Make it unique and meaningful and attractive! It should be short, something that can be remembered and searchable.

Innovative UX/UI Design

For an application to be successful, you need to build such a UX/UI design that will imprint a great impression on the user’s mind. The design of the application should stand out from the rest. The look and the feel of the app are two very important things that you need to work on if you are on your way to develop the application. Users should be able to access and use the app smoothly.

The Design Process

The design process of the app entails few factors that are purely technical. It includes steps like creating wireframes, which is basically when you do a rough sketch, maybe digitally or on paper, of how your app will look like, a style guide which will help you stay focused during the designing phase like which fonts, layout, graphics, menus, bars, dialogs, etc to use and mock-ups which are basically a prototype of the final version of how your app is going to look and it is a combination of the previous stages.

Final Stage of App Development

Now, in this stage, there are three main things working hand in hand – mobile backend server technologies, application programming interface (APIs), and frontend development. To put it in simple words, the design which is seen from the outside is frontend work and backend work includes the development process.

You can say the main work involves the work of backend developers because all the log-ins, sign-ins, storing data, messaging, queries, answering them is all backend.

Throw your focus at the security measures and privacy control as well.

Testing the Application

Now that you have finally created the application of your dreams, it is now time to put it to the test of whether it actually works. Take up every single stage that you have worked on and test it accordingly. Start with testing the functionality, followed by performance, UX/UI testing, documentation, security, configuration, platform, recovery, and beta testing too.

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