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Do you have a YouTube channel and you want it to rank in the search queries list and you are wondering how will you do the magic? The answer is YouTube SEO services and youtube search engine optimization. No, this is not any rocket science. With an in-depth knowledge, you will be able to crack this code.

What Is Youtube SEO?

Before delving into the “how” part, let us understand the concept of YouTube SEO. Well YouTube SEO services is basically when you give your videos the right exposure so that they can achieve youtube video ranking in the search query list of YouTube. In order to achieve this, you will have to optimize your channel as well as your YouTube videos a certain way following some tips and tricks.

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The steps involved in this entire youtube search engine optimization process are enhancing the description section of all the videos as well as the meta descriptions, focusing on the most significant youtube keyword research and one of the most important steps is to add closed captions in your videos. By following these steps, you will not only attract views but also unknowingly will generate brand awareness, traffic and followed by revenue.

How Does Youtube SEO Work?

As we already know, YouTube SEO is when you optimize your video in a way that your videos get the maximum exposure and receives high rank in the search query list. There is one thing that you should keep in mind which is known as YouTube ranking algorithm. The process is pretty similar to how Google ranks the contents. YouTube ranks videos according to a user’s watch history, reviewing your descriptions, video engagement, determines how many videos a particular viewer watches in your channel and it also considers how many viewers are watching your videos right after you publish it.

Youtube Seo Services Tips And Tricks

There are certain components that are involved in optimizing your YouTube videos for the maximum output. Let us look at each of them:

a) Keyword Research

You should conduct your youtube keyword research that are extremely valuable, significant and at the same time relevant to your video. To cross-check the keywords, type the keywords in the search bar and look at the content that came up in the results. Inculcate the keywords in your video as well so that it appears in your transcript.

b) Attractive Title

The title of your video should be short, crisp and should be capable of gaining people’s attention. Before you go about to formulate your title, do a swift keyword research and do not forget to conduct a research on how people have used them in their videos. You should come up with a better title that will compel the viewers to click on your video. Your title should include your keyword and at the same time it should not be more than five words.

c) Intriguing Thumbnail

It is a basic knowledge that image attracts users more than text. So you should pay equal attention to the thumbnail of your video as well. Thumbnail is the first thing that any viewer notices and decides why they want to invest their time in your video. Your thumbnail should contain attractive image and interesting graphics so that it looks intriguing. It should have contrastive colours and should look professional.

d) Vivid Description

The description of your video should include everything, starting from the gist of your video to the links of your social media accounts and the products used in the filming of the video. Elaborate the points and make it simple and clear so that the audience understands. The first sentence of your description should be intriguing.

e) Transcript

Do not neglect to create a transcript of your video. Transcript is nothing but captions of your video. If you decide to just depend on the automated transcription of your videos, it is pretty evident that there is going to be errors in them. So you should add corrections to the transcription or create it yourself using virtual assistant.

f) Translations

Translations help to globalize your video. This allows viewers from all around the world to watch your video by reading the closed caption. Basically what happens here is you are adding foreign language translations that will match with the transcript of your video.

g) Tags and call to action:

Tags of your videos are simple keywords and phrases that are relevant to your video. When your videos will come to an end, your users should be able to subscribe to your channel with ease. Add a one-click button on the screen and give them a reason why they should subscribe and what they should expect from your channel.

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