How to Make Money Through YouTube Channel?

YouTube is considered to be the one-stop solution for every little problem of the entire humanity. Whether it is for educational purposes or for entertainment purposes, we find ourselves stuck in this one particular application for hours throughout the day. Students of this generation rely on YouTube more than books and live lectures.

You basically watch the videos of those creators whose content stood out the most to you. Those creators are basically earning from the content they are creating online and uploading them on their channel.

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For receiving revenue out of your videos, you need to create distinctive, idiosyncratic, and powerful content. There are broadly two ways- your number of views as well as their commitment to becoming a member of your channel or the sale of your merchandise and of course the age-old monetization properties of YouTube itself.

If you are thinking of starting your career on YouTube, here are some of the ways you can earn real-time money from this platform or how to make money through YouTube channel:

1. YouTube Partner Program

This is one of the most special and crucial milestones for all the YouTubers in their career path. The moment you will receive acceptance into the YouTube Partner Program, your career will kick-start and you will be eligible to earn owing to the ads that will be visible per video.

You need to have these things in order to know how to make money through YouTube channel

  • Have more than 1000 subscribers.
  • Have 4000+ watch hours in the time period of 12 months.
  • Following the guidelines of YouTube.
  • Have an AdSense account.

When you will start to gain more subscribers and thus have a swell in the number of watch hours, you will gain a surplus amount of money from those ads. Your earning will depend on two things – how many people are watching the ads and how many are clicking on the links of the ads.

But there is a catch to it. YouTube will take away 45% of that money you earned. Statistically speaking, every year, YouTube gives out $7.5 billion to every creators and media organization who has their content monetized.

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2. Super Chats

Interpersonal communication goes a long way in maintaining a healthy relationship with your loyal viewers and super chats are the best way to do that. The money that the viewers send you when you are on a live stream or the video premiers, are kind of like gifts for you.

When the viewers pay you maybe Rs. 20 or even Rs. 8000, their comment gets pinned and appears on top of the chat. The amount also becomes visible along with the comment and name. That amount of money not only determines the color of the chat, but it also determines the time period during which your chat will be visible.

3. YouTube Premium

YouTube premium can be attained by anyone, not necessarily just by the famous YouTubers like Pewdiepie or BB ki vines, etc. This feature gives a better viewing experience to the viewers. By paying just 99/- on a monthly basis, you will get the advantage of several things like ad-free videos; YouTube music downloads as well as you can keep playing the video in the background on your mobile.

How will it benefit the creator? Well, when a premium viewer will watch your video, you will get some of the revenue from YouTube SEO services. Here also the total number of watch hours will determine your revenue. This is one of the smoothest ways to earn money!

4. Subscription Money for Memberships

This works in multi-level and is a chance for the subscribers to become a Patreon. Different level of memberships offers different exclusive things for the viewers and has a different price tag for each as well.

You can earn very easily through this method. You can maybe offer free custom emojis and badges, early access to videos before the normal viewers can view, live chats, and many more by putting a price to it on a monthly basis.

The higher the level or tier, the more will be the money required for that membership and vice versa. It can be as low as 20/- and can reach more than 1000/- as well. YouTube will take 30% of your share here as well. This feature will give you control over your audience and will help you segregate content much better.

5. Merchandise

You can earn a crazy amount of money by just selling personalized merchandise on YouTube. The top 20 creators produced a total income of $29.9 million in 2019.

If you see that your channel has a good number of subscribers and you have a good social media presence with lots of people following and admiring you and your work, you can start selling your own merchandise and benefit in two ways – connect more in a deeper level with the subscribers and obviously, earn a large amount in that process.

You need to have more than 10,000 subscribers in your channel if you have a non-musical channel. If you have a music channel, you need to be demarcated as an “official artist channel” in order to get this privilege. You can display your merchandise (maximum 12 in a row) at the bottom of your videos so that the viewers can easily view and buy them.

Three Extra Waysto Earnon YouTube

The above-mentioned methods are definitely great but when there are few extra ways, why not consider them for how to make money through YouTube channel. Let us have a look:

1. Affiliate marketing

When you attach the links of the products in the description box that you advocate in your video and the viewers click on the link and purchases it, you receive a part of that profit from the company. This is affiliate marketing.

2. Sponsorships

Certain brands approach you and pay you some amount of money to talk about their company/product in your videos.

3. Educational Courses

You can talk about certain online courses and provide your statement on them, thus motivating and inspiring your viewers to check out more about the courses.

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